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How to Start a Podcast and Sustain It Over 1,000 Episodes (with Kevin Palmieri of Next Level University)

In this episode, John McDougall talks with Kevin Palmieri from Next Level University. Kevin explains how he got to over 1,000 episodes recorded. Then, he provides tips on building an audience, making your podcast work for your business, and more. John McDougall: This is John McDougall with Talk Marketing Made Easy, and I’m here today … Read more

YouTube SEO: Ultimate Guide to Organic YouTube Optimization

Ultimate Guide to Organic YouTube Optimization

Video marketing has become an essential tool for marketing professionals in every industry. Whether you’re trying to promote your business, generate ad revenue, or grow your personal brand, creating video content makes it possible. The average person consumes 16 hours of online video per week. Research also suggests that viewers retain about 95% of information … Read more

How to Promote Your Podcast

How to Promote Your Podcast

Starting a podcast can be a fun and exciting way to grow your brand, establish authority, gain a loyal following, and expand your business. With podcast growth still on the rise, there is still an excellent opportunity for anyone to succeed in this space. In fact, experts predict that there will be 464.7 million podcast … Read more

YouTube SEO Tips and Tools With Atiba (Podcast)

YouTube SEO Tips and Tools With Atiba

In this episode, Atiba de Souza talks with John McDougall about YouTube SEO tips. Working in the SEO industry since the early years and developing a search engine gave de Souza unique insights on the SEO process. Now, his company Client Attraction Pros helps people ideate, create, and optimize YouTube videos. John McDougall: Hey, this … Read more

Podcasting Tips and Tools (with Rock Felder of Squadcast)

In this episode of Talk Marketing Made Easy, John McDougall talks with Rock Felder, the founder of SquadCast. Rock explains why SquadCast is the “Zoom” of remote recording due to its high quality and easy workflows. Then, he provides tips to podcasters about hosting, editing, and more. John McDougall: Welcome. It’s John McDougall with Talk … Read more

How Positioning Can Make Or Break Your Marketing Agency Blog (with Michael Gass)

Michael Gass

An experienced consultant to marketing agencies, Michael Gass talks with John McDougall about marketing for ad agencies. He explains that agencies need to practice what they preach in terms of creating marketing plans, identifying a target audience, and generating content. He outlines what agencies need to do to shift from outbound to inbound marketing, and … Read more

How to Use AI to Create Videos with Pictory (with Pete Bennett)


Pictory uses artificial intelligence to create videos. It can create videos based on podcasts, blogs, and other content. It simplifies the video editing process and offers potential for creators, marketers, and others. In this podcast, John McDougall talks with Pete Bennett from Pictory about the advantages and applications of Pictory. John McDougall: Hey, it’s John … Read more