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The Magical Power of Empathy in Video Marketing and YouTube Optimization (with Matt Johnston)

In this episode, John McDougall talks with Matt about the power of empathy in videos. He explains how to use empathy to optimize YouTube videos and drive engagement with marketing videos. John McDougall: Welcome to Talk Marketing Made Easy. This is John McDougall, and I’m here today with Matt Johnston of Peak Video Creators and … Read more

YouTube Communication Skills and Exercises With Brenden Kumarasamy of MasterTalk (Podcast)

In this episode of Talk Marketing Made Easy, John sits down with Brenden Kumarasamy of MasterTalk. Brenden explains how he grew his YouTube channel, and he provides listeners with tips and exercises on how to improve their public speaking skills. John McDougall: Welcome. This is John McDougall with Talk Marketing Made Easy. And I’m here … Read more

YouTube SEO: Ultimate Guide to Organic YouTube Optimization

Ultimate Guide to Organic YouTube Optimization

Video marketing has become an essential tool for marketing professionals in every industry. Whether you’re trying to promote your business, generate ad revenue, or grow your personal brand, creating video content makes it possible. The average person consumes 16 hours of online video per week. Research also suggests that viewers retain about 95% of information … Read more

YouTube Optimization Tips (with Pete Bennett)

John McDougall of Talk Marketing Academy talks with Pete Bennett from Pete is a longtime YouTuber, and a YouTube optimization consultant. He walks us through many ways of optimizing your YouTube channel, depending on what your goals are. John McDougall:           Hey, this is John McDougall with Talk Marketing Academy, and I’m here today … Read more

Starting and Optimizing a YouTube Channel

Below is part four of a podcast series that we recorded in order to create our book, Talk Marketing – How to Gain Authority and Expert Status, Even If No One Has Ever Heard of You. In this episode, John McDougall and John Maher talk about video marketing and YouTube optimization. Following the audio file … Read more